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Is my friend screwed?

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Basically some guy slightly grazed my friend's rear bumper while parking. Luckily my friend was in his car. All my friend did was exchange info: Name, address, DL #, and phone number. He took pics also. But he didn't call the cops cuz he had a midterm and he needed to go. Ironic thing is, this happened to me couple of months ago and I didn't call the cops and I got screwed. I didn't take pics though. I filed a police report, filed a claim with the insurance but I got screwed because I didn't call the cops. I told his dumbass to ALWAYS call the cops because it's pretty much "he said she said." Will his taking the pics help? My friend's still kind of worried because while they were talking the guy looked at his own car and just rubbed the paint off his bumper. The guy is also not answering any of my friend's phone calls. Is my friend screwed?
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your friend will be screwed if he got false information. Also he could deny it cuz if the picture doesnt show which drivers fault clearly

I got rearended late last summer, and I did call the cops. The damages were only like $400.00, so the cop told us to just handle it ourselves. I got hit by a 60 y/o guy driving a 99 Ford Windstar which was a company van. I went and got my estimates, and called this old bastard for 2 weeks straight, and everytime I called his daughter said he was sleep ... I got tired of this run around bull, so I just the company he worked for. I told them what had happened faxed the estimates and they sent me a check. People today just don't give a damn I guess ... The only thing that really helped me out was that I had the police report. Verbal agreements don't mean squat in court. If he took good pictues it may help him out, if it goes that far.
Re: Screwed

Could my friend take this guy to court? I mean, like I said, he has no police report, only the guy's info and pictures. My friend wrote down the guy's info from his DL, so it's not fake. But without a police report, I really don't know. I know that if he called the cops everything would be much easier. Would taking this guy to court help? But then again, this guy's car wouldn't show any damage, and it'd be his word against my friends.
Re: Re: Screwed

That's why always get witnesses! Here in California, cops are not coming to accident scene unless there is injury! :confused: We just have to collect the info and find witnesses!
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