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Is my timing belt streched

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My problem is that I have a 1996 Honda Civic Ex, that came from Canada (which in Canada is called the Si). My problem is that a couple of weeks ago I had to cross a body of water because my road became flooded, even thought I knew that the water was too high I had to cross. The next day I noticed that when you turn the car on and let it idle it has a winning noise, and still continues to make that noise. I had someone check the motor and they tell me that I streched the timming chain when I gave it gas to get out of the water. Does anybody have any ideas about what is going on here? or is the mechanic telling the truth?

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first your honda has a timing belt not chain, second it is properly just the power steering belt or a\c belt that is making the noise, just tighten them up and you will be fine, as for the person who told you it was your timing chain he should stick do domestics
heheh, nice, owned :D
my 96 ex makes that winning noise too.
its just a belt.
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