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is the apex dunk exhaust really loud?

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i got the apexi univeral muffler w/ 5in is the real thing ... muffler is like 8 inch diameter and the tip is 5 inch...
the whole thing is welded on to the metal that goes from the muffler to the flang over the axle.. so it is pretty complete came off a del sol... will it bolt right up.. and will it be loud.. i know how loud greddy cat back is.. how much louder it gunna be.. it is going on a civic dx 2 dr..
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obviously its gonna be loud... your most likely gonna scrape a lot too!
its loud, but it sounds really good
its fairly loud but it sounds very nice
not as loud as the other exhaust out in the has a nice deep tone.
BiggieWolf said:
its fairly loud but it sounds very nice

I heard that shit only sounds nice on milano red GSR's, i dunno, maybe its just me.:cool:
I love the sound

The sound of a dunk turns me on, they have a nice deep throaty sound unlike the obnoxious n1's and the tanabe racing medalion, I dig the dunks.:D
pretty loud but your problem will the the can scrapping all the time
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