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Is there one?

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Anyone know if Greddy makes there EVO Evolution Exhaust System for 2000 GSR. I don't care if this exhaust sucks big ones. i want it cause i'm sick of seeing POS cars ridin around with big mufflers hangin all low. This one clames to fit up tighter. I want mine to fit up under my car. you should really only see the tip, not the whole muffler. Just my opinion. I think it looks better that way. If they don't. Anyone know of another cat-back that fits tight up under the car.
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uh... yeah they make greddy evo for the gsr...
Question was for a 2000 GSR not just any gsr. i know they make it for 99 and below but do they make it for 2k and up. everywhere i look i see to 99 and under
Before you go out and spend your $$$$, check the performance specs... what kind of body kit are going with??

a good cat back apexi N1.

hope this helps...
for the 2000-2001 teg, honda used the same catalytic convertor that are on the type r/ls, so cat-back exhaust made for non-vtec/type r will fit a 2000-2001 gs-r, and before buying a cat-back exhaust, make sure you know how you are going to mod your teg, piping size matters if you are going N/A or FI, had a good article concerning exhaust but the website seems to be down
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