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here is what i want to do my goal is to get 300 whp

vortech supercharger
crower 63401 cams
crower dual springs with titanium retainers
crower valves stock size
aem fpr
aem fuel rail
apex-i vafc
low compression pistons
skunk 2 intake manifold with extrude honed powerflow process
dc header
dc cat back
jackson cat

am i going to get there ???????

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Lets start like this...

Whats your current HP/TQ? Hows your current A/F ratio with a wideband sensor??

If you haven't already dynoed to get these base numbers you are just pipe dreamin.

Also, what car is it? How old? Whats the mileage? Whats the Compression like? Older car with higher mileage plus lotsa boost = KABOOM!

There are infinite variables as you can see. As well what do you currently have? Whats your budget? Who's gonna do the install? Who's gonna do the tuning? Because TUNING is the #1 most important overlooked aspect.

300HP is a lofty number that is usually reserved for Turbo cars. I have seen SC'd cars gain as much as 40 to 60 WHP, but, Turbo's are for the higher numbers.

To get 300WHP in a GSR which is what I'm assuming you have you 'll have to build the block bottom to top and crank some high PSI out of a Turbo.

Remember TUNING!!!

If you are serious about this you should talk to AcuraBro, Daremo and even though He is not a huge fan of this Tuan.

Good luck,

A. :)
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