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Is this part important???

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When i disconneted my resonator there was a vacume line that was now left in the open well it went to a box i guess it was a vacume canister or something it is a small box well it had a sensor that connected to it and I disconnedcted this box and took of the sensor or whatever it was well does anyone know what this is and is it important ??? the car runs fine but i dont know if ill trip a code or something this box was right behind the battery and its black..???
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i did that too, i think it helps the car start during cold weather, not sure though..
What vehicle? What year? did you just do a aftermarket intake installation? If its a intake resonator, then its fine, or is it the EVAP canister, which is on the far left behind the intake mainfold.
the box is used to keep intake noise levels down...thats the only function it don't need it.
why does it have a sensor??? what does it do?? will this affect my fuel ratio???all the vacume lines being exposed to ambient air pressure I mean??
you'll be fine. theres nothing hooked up to that box that is of any significance.
l00katme and h22 bastard, you guys are thinking of the wrong box. hes talking about the box about the size of a thick box of playing cards. it has a green sensor attached to it, you can just pull it out of the way, it wont throw a code. you can also remove the black box, and follow the vacuum all the way up to your intake manifold on the back side, and plug up that nipple. its a vacuum used to activate that valve in the resonator.
is it better to plug it up or leave the sensor attached.....?? right now I cut the sensor off the box and reattached the sensor with the vacum lines exposed so my intake will sit lower and allow me to close my hood..... also there was another vacume line that was supposed to connect to the intake near the line that connects to the valve cover but there was no hole to attach it to the intake so it is also exposed to ambient air... are all the unattached lines gonna make me run a richer fuel mixtuer??? or is it better to plug them all up???

help appreciated..
as long as you plug the nipple coming off the back of the intake manifold you are fine
Yeah, just plug the nipple like he said. It wont trip anything, it wont mess with your air/fuel or anything. I'm not sure what other shops do with it though.
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