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Is this worth the price?

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I'm looking to buy another car and I wonder if the price is too much... its a stock hunter green civic 1997 dx, manual, power nothing, it has a cold air intake, but I think its custom made, and a strut bar, with like, no name on it, the car has 12,k miles, and hes asking 14grand for it, but I told him thats a lil too much, and I told him a good price for it was like 8 at the most and this guy said he had put an rsx engine and I told him thats bullshit cause the engine pulls at a different way, clockwise/counterclockwise......

and then he was like uhhhh, uhhh, aight 8 grand, but I still think thats too much, what do you guys think?
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That's actually not bad if it's been taken care of. Just remember if it has any mods to it and a kids been driving it, it's safe to assume it's been driven hard.
Do you really want to buy a car from this jerkoff? Anyway, my friend just bought a stock 96 DX for about $9,000. He overpaid though. $8000 sounds about right but I wouldn't buy from the guy you were talking to.
$8000 for a 97 with 12k miles...That is a good price!!!

Shit I sold my 95EX 5 months ago with 98k miles for $7500
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