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well i took off my header and the colector for the 3rd and 4th cylinder had a crack all the way around it and i also have an exhaust leak right where the header connects to the head. For those who wonder how my vtec is engaging i am using a RPM switch which sends a signal to the vtec when i reach a pre-determined rpm....which i can chose from 4k-5k not sure where to kick it in...right now i am kicking it in at 4800rpm. SO do you think the header is my problem of being so slow? or could it be something else?
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Have you done a compression check? What kind of crack are we talking about here. That doesn't sound too good.... it might be the cause of your problems.

Having an exhaust leak that close to the head is not good for the motor. The exhaust manifold (or header) is designed to help scavenge exhaust gases out of the cylinder. If there is a leak, exhaust gases are not flowing properly and you are leaving hot exhaust gas in the chamber. In V-8's, this causes burnt valves. Not sure what effect it has on the imports, but this would definitely lead to poor performance. What kind of header is this? I have rarely heard of a header flange cracking, unless you sprayed cold water onto the motor when it was very hot or you didn't torque the bolts down properly in sequence. Get that exhaust leak fixed soon before you do other damage.....:cool:
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