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Anyone Running a Jackson Super Charger on a 2000 model EX SOHC.....If so what have you done to you car and what kind of horsepower are you getting out of the car.....thanks for you help.....
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read my signature below. I'm putting down about 145 WHP and somewhere in the 120s Torque. This summer sometime I'm going up to 10 PSI.
This my sound stupid but what is , V-AFC, JAZ CatchCan, GSS-342...Please let me know.....Brandon
V-AFC is the Apexi Air/Fuel controller. Read about it at
Jaz Catchcan is a little can thing that attaches to your intake either your valve cover or your PCV to prevent oil from getting into your engine through the intake which can cause detonation.
The GSS-342 is the Walbro 255lph high flow fuel pump. You should get one if you think you are running lean, and it's a good idea to making sure your engine has enough fuel supply at full throttle/full boost.
I have an up greated fuel pump and is that oil block off that important I know I need a fuel system controller are they that hard to program.......
who makes your fuel pump and what is it rated at?

The catchcan is by no means necessary, but I found that it helps out a bit in my application.

The fuel controllers are really not that hard to tune, they just take some time to learn like any other electronic thing such as your CD player or your VCR.
return again

As far as my fuel pump goes I guess that I lied I assume that it is a good one... it is the one that was sold to me in my super charger kit that I purchased....Is it good enough for what I am trying to do....oh what did you get your car to run at the track... I understand that it is going to be a little different than mne because it is at different attitudes and all but flatter me.... Oh I just wanted to say thanks for all you help with my car...anything else would be cool and I will keep you informed with it and let you know how things turn out....later 00blownex
I'm running about 16.5 right now at the track at 5800 feet above sea level. I'm hoping for high 14s at the track sometime this summer with 10 PSI.

I'm assuming you got the JR fuel pump then. That is a walbro fuel pump, but from what I understand it's only the 192lph high flow fuel pump, or something like that. It should work fine for both 6 and 8 PSI, but I'm not sure about 10. I really don't know a whole lot about that particular fuel pump to make any good solid judgements for or against it.

I guess that I did not realize that being that far over sea level makes that much of a difference because I am assuming that your car is pretty quick....Because my car is slow down here running a one and only time lucky time of 15.8....oh not writging this to soudn rude but I did not know that it made that big of a deal.....00blownex
yep. a second to two seconds difference, depending on the altitude changes, humidity, barometer, etc.
Hey whats up, my names Ray Iam very new to this site. I also have a supercharged Civic, but mines a 2000 DX hatchback only running a 6psi pulley, AEM cold air intake, and a GReddy SP exhaust system. I'am making 145 hp and 122 lbs. of torque, which is ok for a SOHC non-vtec. I have'nt had time to run it at the track, so I dont know what Iam running. but my future plans are to add a 4-1 DC header, hondata stage 3,Unordor cam gear,hi-flow cat,and a 8psi pulley. I was wondering if anyone knows who makes camshafts for a supercharged SOHC. and strong valve springs ,and retainers.Also before I forget is anyone in need of a H22 V-tec engine ready for a complete swap and only has 20.000 miles on it?:D
Don't do the DC 4-1 header... If anything, get a DC 4-2-1 if you have to go DC. Otherwise get a Kamikazi or HiTech 4-1 header. The DC 4-1 has too long of primaries and you'll be killing your power, but the Kamikazi has short primaries which SCs love.

Yes I do recommmed a 4:2:1 Header I have had both on my ex civic and I jave gotten the best performance out of my 4:2:1 verses my 4:1...Hey Ray tell me everything that you have on you cardown to computer and everything I am having a problem with mine and I need some help tryign to figure it out and I am trying to get some input on people stuff that works so I can tell my installer....No affence but I should be putting out more horse power than your non-v-tech.. and I am not just wondering about it let me know please................
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