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Jackson -vs- b16 i/e/h

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What would be faster a b16 CRX w i/e/h or a this Jackson equipped car?
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itll be pretty close
Mmm...that should be a close race, the one thing is the JRSC car has almost 100 lb ft or torque on tap as early as 2000 rpms. That'll give the advantage to the JRSC. Then it has a really agressive and linear power curve. I think the JRSC should take it though
i would hope that the jackson would win if not that wold mak me lose what little faith i have left for superchargers....
Depends on the boost, but I'm gonna go with the B16 swapped car........
I mean, i might be a little biased....but i think the b16 would definately win. Superchargers are pretty shitty IMO, and one of my good friends has a CRX with a b16 with IHE and some light head work and that car hauls ass!! And besides, if you do any sort of FI, get a turbo...much more fun and much much more tuneable. And besides, the sound of a blow-off valve makes me all tingly inside :)
i dunno i assume that dyno chart was @the wheels showing almost 150 hp if you did the math , i think subtracted 13% of the total power estimated on the b16 to account for loss in drivetrain they would come out to be about the same at the wheels so it would be pretty close, but why not swap in a b16 then boost it?
It would be a close race, but I'd have to give it to the B16!
B16!!! :D :D
damn al you D haters DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!
hehe j/k
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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