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Japanese Joint Venture to Offer Digital Comics for Wii

Jul 23, 2008 19:22
Yukiko Kanoh, Nikkei Electronics

A Japanese joint venture will distribute digitalized comic books to Nintendo Co Ltd's "Wii" stationary game consoles via the Internet in Japan.

Kadokawa Group Publishing Co Ltd, Kodansha Ltd, Shueisha Inc, Shogakukan Inc and Tose Co Ltd, which is engaged in game software development, have announced their capital alliance and the establishment of new company "Librica Co Ltd," a company that will offer digital content delivery services, July 17, 2008.

To use the new service, Wii users must purchase the dedicated browser software on "WiiWare," the download service portal for Wii software titles. If this dedicated software is run on the Wii connected to the Internet, users can view the digitalized comic books. The companies are discussing a future capability to transfer the downloaded data to Nintendo's "Nintendo DS" portable game consoles, they said.

In addition to the aforementioned five partner companies, Librica will broadly call for participation from the publishing and digital content delivery industries in the comic distribution business, it said.
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