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Japes Pics - 93 ViS Kombat

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here are my pics guys, hope you like 'em... more pics to come...

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coo, ,you got any lighter pics? you from
I got one lighter pic, can't find it right now tho... I'll take more n post em up.....

Yeah man, i'm from just found out about this place decided to meet new peeps... :cool: oh wait I think i seen you on too... :D
im Ludefoshizzle on that site...youll like this place..lotsa smarrtt people
I like your car. What is that blue in the headlight? Are those the lights or something else?

How did ya do it?
how did you do that Blue in the light?? , That is a nice car....i like it
very nice car. how much the headlights cost? are those jdm. i cant tell.
i love those jdm lights. good job.

im over at too but i hardly ever post there
i thought they were jdm. the black background threw me off. :D
nice car...i love the headlights...

for those wondering how it is blue....the JDM headlights have shinier reflectives in them so a bulb that is blue will reflect off the reflectors when it's not on so it looks blue...that's what mine looks like when you shine a light on it at nite....not as blue though..
Not bad looking...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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