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So I did a swap for my buddy, its a OBD1 B16A (Japan spec) and with his JDM ecu he got with the swap everything runs fine But it does have a check engine light. So I brought over my Chipped P28 (US Spec) ECU with a Hondata S300 and plugged it in, The Check engine light code was for the knock sensor. Which I ended up wiring in. But regardless when I plugged in my ecu (chipped P28) his car essentially goes into limp mode. (see the video below) This video is obviously taken while the car is not moving, however when the car is moving it does the exact same thing. and this video is taken with the throttle completely pinned. (Im not fluctuating the pedal at all) Ive done 4+ swaps before and I have never ran into this issue. Anyone have any advice? AS you can see in the Video, there is no check engine light on, on the dash, and The Hondata Smanager even confirms this.

I know it is not a problem with the ecu itself, Becuase when I put it back into my car and I use stock gsr base map that came with the s300 (preloaded) it works perfectly.

I havent looked at his car in about 3 weeks (he lives far away) but I will be working on it tomorrow and was seeing if anyone had any guidance with this issue.

Edit: trying to get the video to work here.
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