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Ok, I recently installed a JDM B18B (OBD2) motor along with the JDM auto tranny for my 97 teg. I now got an engine code for the crank speed fluctuation sensor because the JDM motors dont have this sensor. I know I can bypass the sensor, but I want to just get the JDM P75 Auto ECU (since the motor will run even better I bet with that one instead of the current USDM ECU I have in the car now). My question is, will the JDM P75 be plug and play? I heard that the US auto tegs have a separate Transmission Control Unit (TCU) for the tranny, but the JDM auto Tegs dont have this TCU? I heard the JDM tegs have the TCU built into the ECU?? Is this true? If so, how would I be able to plug in my US wiring harness into the JDM P75 ECU??
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