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JDM d15 timing belt

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I am replacing the D16z6 in my 1995 EX with a JDM d15. My question they use the same timing belt and water pump? Everything I can find says its a direct replacement engine, but I want to change the timing belt and water pump while its easy to access. I also bought a Exedy OEM spec clutch and new axles. Is there any other parts that I will need, (besides the normal plugs and wires, oil, filter etc.) for the swap? Will the p28 work OK or is there a better ECU to use. This is my DD, I am not building a race car so I dont need anything to crazy. Thanks for any info.
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p28 will work fine
and im almost 98% sure that the timing belt and water pump is the same for all d series
i believe that you need a timing belt for a 92-95 D15Z1
If anyone can help clear the timing belt issue up thats would be great.... I hate buying parts that I dont need. I also just found where the d15b is supposed to have a more aggressive cam than the d16 and the JDM po8 ecu will make a little more power because of this. Any idea on HOW much power is at issue here? If its 2-3 H.P. I can just stick with my p28 but if were talking 10-12 hp than I'd swap it out (and change the necessary o2 sensor). On the other hand, with my H22A swap, the JDM p13 needed a EGR and knock sensor signal to run right. I swaped to a chipped p28 and dont need those. Am I looking at a similar situation with these 2 ecu's? I bought my EX used but am sure the p28 is totally virgin. This was supposed to be an quick easy swap, but the POWER bug always seems to bite me!!
timing belt for JDM D15B VTEC is the same as for the 92-95 Civic VX D15Z1
engine and tranny got here today, thanks for your help with the timing belt. I figured I'd do a compression check on my d16z6 today before I started pulling it and the fuc$ing compression tester came apart in the first cylinder I checked. I ended up getting it out with some easy-outs but it was a major pain in the ass. The EX has 171,000 miles on it and still has 170-177 lbs of compression in each cylinder. She's just leaking a lot of oil.......I think I am going to build it for boost and find another car. Wonder what the wife will think??????? doesnt everyone need 3 Honda projects?
i know this is kinda a late post but you use the timing belt and pump from the z6 motor. they have the same deck height. the non vtec usdm d15s have a shorter deck. the d15b and d16z6 blocks are identical. the d15b is a 1.5 but has a longer rod then the other d15 motors, and a shorter stroke than the 1.6

cliff notes

1)d15b=d16 block with shorter stroke and longer rods.
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