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heres the story.
i got them foggiess off from ebay.
it came with the internal harrness BUT the wires from the harrness has NO plugs at the end of the wires. its missing 2 brown plugs, one for the fat white wire and the other one for the 2 black/red wires. I have to use those females and males plugs. not a problem.
spend the whole day yesterday trying to hook it up.
i got all the wires figure out thanks to FASTKILL.
everything was wire up and i had follow the write up at....'preludejdmfog'

after the internal was finish.
the jdm fog light switch would light up amber and when i push it a green light will come on. (pretty nice i have to say)

did my first test with the foggiess...
i keep on hearing my relay tapping everytime i touch the postive wire to the external harness.
switch had the orange light on and after my first test it was gone.
thought it was the fuse the blew but the fuse was good.
everything seems to work.
i used a electrical multimeter to test out the wires.
they all came out to 12v.
i did everything i could think of.

what you guys think??

question... is there another fuse on the switch??? beside the one that came with the wire....??
i have tested the wire and ever wire i have. it has power. but its not turning my lights on. any ideas why?
i know my fog lights work. i have tested with my car battery.

whats even more interesting....
my ABS LIGHT came on.

btw... i have a 98 prelude base 5sped.

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found out that one of my fuse pop. got some fuses today and my ABS light went off. thank god. tonight gona re-run my wires again. hopfully this time will work better then last.

i guess no one has a clue on what i am talking about or dont have a input on this? right???? :mad

bump bumpppp
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