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JDM Front-End... Metal vs. Fiber Glass

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I just wanted to hear peoples pro's and con's on the JDM Front-End Conversion.. Metal vs. Fiber Glass. I was think'n of getting the conversion for my car, and for some reason always wanted OEM Metal Conversion. I always thought it was better. Well I was think'n Im not going to enter in shows to win win win. Maybe just for fun, and its not that big of a deal to me. I mean fiber glass is cheaper. Do any of you know the downside to fiber glass??? I havent heard much, so your opinions are helpful. So Metal or Fiberglass... and remember, Im just doing it for daily driving around nice, not show nice.. Thanks--
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metal regardless of your purpose. you'll die with fiberglass when you crash and thas plain cheap.
yeah don't get fiberglass. it's cheap and it'll break really easily.then you spend even more money getting a metal front
i have the fibergalss front end. i've had it for about 5 years now with no problems. they're right about getting into a front end accident...but then again, even with a metal conversion u'll be screwed too if u hit something really hard. u also might have some fitment problems depending on how good the fiberglass product turned out -- nothing ur local body shop can't fix.

if u can find a good deal on the metal ones, then i'd say go for it.
theres a used oem metal one going on ebay for 1400, check it out

2 sexxxxyyy---this is the only bumper i would get next to C-West
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hey nightrider, wut kind of rims are those in your sig?
they're 18" tenzo rs5's in gunmetal grey. they were stolen with my car though right in front of my apartment a month ago ---- i ordered a new set and waiting for my 5ZR corpse in matte black (only set ever produced) made by 5zigen
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