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I am selling a REAR pair only of 'GAB SuperR Superstrokes' dampers for the 97-01 Integra Type R's. I am selling them cheap because one rear damper is stuck on level 2 stiffness, the other one you can adjust 1-4 easily. They have been used for about 7000kms. The dampers work very well and they can handle a very low drop and a very high spring rate. Very high quality.

I am also selling a rear pair of ITR lower control arms to accompany these dampers for those of you who like to install these dampers on you non-ITR 94+ Integra.

Please check these links for more info:

I will not sell the ITR LCA's seperately without selling the dampers first.


$135shipped for rear dampers.
$75shipped for rear lower control arms.
$200shipped for both of them.

email: [email protected]
icq: 15883705

Click for pictures.

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