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JDM HEADLIGHTS!!! (1 chrome full set, and 1 black passenger side)

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I have a set of the chrome housing JDM headlights....

for sale....price is best offer.

I also have a Black housing Passenger side only JDM headlight.

The set of Chrome housing are in totally mint condition. No scratches, no nothing. PERFECT.

The Passenger side Black housing has some small cracks on the top of the housing. If you put some glue or something on top of the plastic it will be totally fine. That is the only problem with it. I also already cleared out the foglight housing, so you can put any color bulb you want in it. Both are best offer. I kind of need to get rid of them so let me know as soon as possible.
[email protected]
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Hey Will this is neil the kid who bought the driver side jdm black housing...just a quick question you didn't clear out the fog light housing on the driver is still yellow?
Omg, sorry about the pictures everyone.....If you want the pictures e-mail me and I will send them to you asap. My friend's clubphoto account ran out, i guess..

...Neil, your fog light is still yellow.....
e-mail me with any questions guys, thanks
[email protected]
still can't get the pictures to work, e-mail me for pictures!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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