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Wrecked & Ripped out ITR from Europe 1998 spec and 64000 miles on the clock. B18C6, 11.1: cr, jdm tranny

nice, isn't it? ;) (my dynoplot has nothing to do with that engine)

interieur, some exterieur
E-Brake + Center console, Cup-holder, ash-tray, cigarette ligther, all little stuff and pieces, Shifter-leather with carbon: 275 USD
Rear Seats: 1400 USD
Recaros with console: 1700 USD
rev meter: 165 USD
speedo: 155USD
temp gauge: 24 USD
oil gauge: 24 USD
ECU: 300 USD
Cockpit Watch: 25 USD
steering wheel without airbag: 100 USD
rear spoiler painted white: 245 USD
front lip ( need a repaint): 195 USD
right lights: 245 USD
front tower bar: 125 USD
rear tower bar: 145 USD
Rear lights (pair): 130 USD
Rear fog light (Euro style) with knob in cockpit: 75 USD
OEM Euro Foglight kit: 190 USD
universal foglights: 90 USD
Mirror left side, white painted: 75 USD

engine: 3000 USD
short Block: 1500 USD
Cylinder head: 1600 USD

When engine is not sold as "one" piece
Camshafts: 575 USD
Valve Springs & Retainers: 200 USD
Valves, 16 piece: 305 USD
Crankshaft: 450 USD
Rods: 250 USD
11.1:1 Pistons: 225 USD
Valve Cover, red: 215 USD
Cam gears (pair): 95 USD
Distributor: 380 USD
Spark plug wires: 75 USD
Throttle Body: 315 USD
Throttle cable 65 USD
Starter: 125 USD
Wiring harness: 245 USD

tranny: 1650 USD
LSD: 350 USD
axle right: 175 USD
axle left: 195 USD
Clutch, pressure plate: 80 USD
Clutch, disk: 110 USD
Flywheel: 260 USD

other things
radiator: 245 USD
fan with motor: 145 USD
coolant heat exchanger: 45 USD
Fuel pump: 55 USD
alternator: 170 USD
brake master cylinder: 115 USD
:honda2: Emblems: 29 USD
OEM Enkei 6x15 inch rims: 540 USD
Remus rear muffler: 245 USD
stock rear muffler (with aftermarket tail-pipe): 145 USD
Catalytic converter: 490 USD
Header: 265 USD

PS: The engine runs pefect, I will make a digi-pic with some revs on the rev meter!

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update on some prices:

A cool member of H-T has helped me out, thank Al!

Rear Seats with no plastic: 350
rev meter & Speedo for 250 USD
right front lights: 175?
front tower bar: 90 USD
B18C6 engine: 2500 w/o tranny
short Block: 1200 USD
Camshafts: 450 USD
Valve Springs & Retainers: 150 USD
Valves, 16 piece: 200 USD
Valve Cover, red: 150 USD
Cam gears (pair): 50 USD
Distributor: 250 USD
Throttle Body: 250 USD
Throttle cable 20 USD

The rest is in my first post and the prices should be okay now.

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wow... when all parts are sold you can get a new ITR....

prices are a little too stiff dude.... tone it down

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if you sell everything you are expecting over 20,000?????????? damn i can get a used R for that price.

sell me the clock for 10 w/free shipping

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Does the header have the OEM heat shield?

$265... I'm interested

The cat seems way over priced though, I'd take it for an extra $50.

Email me [email protected]

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Interested in the JDM Recaros if you go down in price. Otherwise, goodluck selling everything, too bad for your R
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