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Im consideing purchasing a JDM ITR steering wheel made by MOMO. Its off of a 96 JDM ITR. Will it bolt right onto my USDM 95 GSR? Feedback would be appreciated. If anyone has done this with success or problems hit me up. I think it should bolt right on but I d like to know if I need some sort of Hub or adapter. Hit me up with some info here or at [email protected] (thats [email protected] underscore b/t the bone and 4)
Thanks, Jason

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It will bolt right up.

Just make sure it is for an INTEGRA and NOT a CIvic Type-R, Both look the same and many times guys get taken on the net or Ebay when buying it and get a civic Type-R wheel, The Civic wheel will NOT fit and Bolt right up, and modification to get it to fit is NOT worth it. Just make sure to get the right one.

It is Very important that you get a HELM'S Manual, which lists the proper Safety Procedures for deactivating and removing the SRS wheel.

An airbag exploding in you face can kill you. If you can afford $250-$500 for a cosmetic modification like the JDM ITR steering wheel, you can afford $60 for a Helms.

If you are installing the "96 wheel it is a Non-SRS unit and you will also need to remove the wire loom for the SRS from the wheel, you will lose your Cruise Control since the ITR wheel doesn't have a spot for it but can be modded to fit. You will also want to remove the Passenger Airbag SRS and the SRS/ECU since it will just be dead weight, and also need to remove the SRS bulb from your guage cluster since it will forever be "On" if you don't.

You will also need a need a self locking nut item# 90380-SB2-003 for the wheel since the old one shouldn't really be used again.

The actual act of swapping the wheel is Not that difficult but, using the Helm's manual is important as is following the safety procedures... Here's a link to Helm's: Helm's Manual

Oh, and although the wheel bolt's right up, it WILL be off one spline to the left or right regardless of if you put it on straight or not. YOU WILL NEED AN ALIGNMENT TO REMEDY THIS.

Good luck,

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