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jdm question

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i just got a 99 gsr and i went to see a couple of my friends in orlando. They took a look at my car and they said that i had jdm tail lights and jdm bumper corners. Upon further inspection, my valve cover caught my eye. I was wondering if the "dohc" or the "vtec" is bigger on the jdm valve cover. Because the valve cover does look new. If someone could help me with this, i would greatly appreciate it.
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anyone at all?
VTEC is bigger on the JDM valve cover.
I have heard of this JDM bumper corners before and was always curious about how can they be JDM if the front end is different and doesn't have corner lenses?
JDM front corners and Tails......Naaaaaahhhhh

More like " Clears" for the front and "Altezzas" for the Tails.....if you got the Tails...I'd take em off or someones gonna bust em.
as for as the bumpers go, they arent clear. but hey thats what they told me. and the tails arent altezza's. but thanks for the help. they say "keito japan" on them.
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