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So i bought a 1998 Honda Accord V Coupe 2.2i ES non vtec F22B5. It has been sitting for a year in a garage. When i bought it it was not running, only thing that stopped it from running was a failed ignition coil. After changing it, engine fired right up. It has what looks to be a 4th gen LPG system installed but i don't use it now. I always had and still have diesel cars, i work on them, program them and similar so i know diesels pretty good, but now i bought a petrol Honda for fun and to try out petrol engines. So i made sure the car is road worthy and i took it out for a short test drive -4km everything seemed fine, no leaks, no weird sounds. Then i took it home ~60km. So after those drives i have got some problems and questions:

1. When accelerating, about 1.5-2.5k rpm the car is jerking back and forth especially in lower gears. In 5th it isn't so noticeable, but it is still there and definitely noticeable. After those rpms the power seems to be there, it spins tires on wet road at about 4k rpm in 1st gear and further pulls smoothly on other gears. But it doesn't feel fast, i need to measure 0-100kmh time. I have no idea what to check now. Throttle valve didn't look like it is dirty, the air filter will be replaced tomorrow even if it doesn't look that dirty, spark plugs are new, spark plug wires seem to be just fine, distributor is clean and is set at about center for spark timing.

2. It might be connected to 1st. When in 1st gear trying to slowly navigate the parking lot, the accelerator is really touchy and when i let off the foot, it kinda jerks forward a lil, seems normal, but when i reapply a little throttle, it starts jerking back and forth untill it evens out

3. On idle when i listen to the exhaust, i can hear it skip a beat sometimes. And the car is slightly vibrating. The idle rpms are normal, engine mounts look good too, rpms don't fluctuate.

"4". I don't count this as a real problem. But it seems to have low power on clutch rpms. It requires quite a bit of throttle to take off or reverse park in slight up-hill. But i write this off to me not driving a petrol for a long time.

For possible causes, i don't think it's fuel pump or filter, it would be low on power and the power would get lower as the rpms increase. Distributor looks like it has been replaced quite recently, so i don't suspect it. I don't really suspect timing, since it's about center on the distributor. Could this be a vacuum leak or EGR problem? Of course, i can be wrong on all of that, all i know are diesels...

Sorry for my english. And thank you in advance.
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