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Not worth the money. Yes, when I installed it and ran 91 octane fuel the car did have a harder pull in the mid-higher rpm's, but definetly not worth the price, not to mention you have to pay more for high octane fuel. All it does is advance your ignition timing. Yea, it's variable as compared to setting the ign. timing manually but honestly not worth the money. If you ever decide to go with boost or nitrous, you have to get rid of the jetchip anyways since you'll be needing to retard the timing. Get uberdata or hondata if you're wanting to play with air/fuel/ignition. :number1

BTW, though I told you not to get one, if you decide you are I drive a 1999 Honda Accord sedan with the automatic. Cost? I bought it off of ebay so I honestly don't know what they cost from a retailer.
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