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Courtesy of the JGTC:

If you missed GT Live at California Speedway, you will be able to see it on Speed. We will have a one-hour special called Inside GT Live running in March with the following air dates and times

:• Premire
March 6 (Sun) 5:00 PM PST

• Replay
March 6 (Sun) 11:00 PM PST
March 7 (Mon) 6:00 AM PST
March 7 (Mon) 3:00 PM PST
March 11 (Fri) 11:00 PM PST

The JGTC All-Star 200 will also be on Speed in March or April as a two-hour special program. Air times will be announced as soon as we have them so please check back. We apologize for the delays in getting the dates nailed down.

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Don't forget to check it out tomorrow. Here's the dealie-o from SPEEDtv:

Inside GT Live

Inside GT Live: The Ultimate Tuner Festival

JGTC All-Star 200 – America’s only stop on the Japan Grand Touring Championship (JGTC), and the All-Star 200 is an invitation only night race at the California Speedway featuring the top 25 teams from Japan and selected touring car teams from the U.S.

D1 Grand Prix – the premier drifting series in the world, features the first ever East/West shootout pitting the best drifters in America vs. the best drifters from Japan.

Tuner Time Attack – the latest import racing trend before it's even out of the box. Hot laps pitting reputation against reality in a street car shoot out.

XDL, the Extreme Drifting League – pushing the conventional limits of the sport. Using drifting as a means of visual expression, XDL takes viewers on an experiential history of drifting.

As if that’s not enough, the special includes manufacturers’ autocross tests of today's hottest performance cars, along with go-kart demos, remote controlled car racing and a whole lot more.

SCHEDULE - All Times Eastern & Subject To Change

Show Date
JGTC All-Star 200 Sun, Mar 6 8:00PM new
JGTC All-Star 200 Sun, Mar 6 2:00AM
JGTC All-Star 200 Mon, Mar 7 9:00AM
JGTC All-Star 200 Mon, Mar 7 6:00PM
JGTC All-Star 200 Fri, Mar 11 2:00AM
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