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JL Audio 12s and mtx amp

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I have 2 JL Audio 12s in an mtx carpeted box. I want $175 for them you pick up in Richmond, VA might meet you depending on where you are. This is a hell of a deal.

Mtx 280x amp. One channel we think is fryed but you can still bridge the amp. To be so small the amp pushes 2 12's easy. It hit a 139.6 db with the 2 12's. $70 shipped in the 48 states.

Will sell together in the area for $225 firm. Let me know something. [email protected]
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2 jl's

how much for the 2 jl 12's?
2 jl's

what model are they too?
2 12wos $150 without box
with box $175

The box is worth the extra 25 bucks...... [email protected]
Hey do u still have da items, im interested. How loud are they?
Hey they were really loud. Um if you want them you better hurry cause I am about to sell the car and if they arent gone first they are going with it. [email protected] email is the key.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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