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Oh... so that's how T Sato got the seat. :lol2 :hehe

Jordan sacked Frentzen for Honda

Eddie Jordan has finally spoken out over his controversial sacking of star driver Heinz Harald Frentzen in 2001 claiming he had to show the German the door to secure a continued supply of engines from Japanese manufacturer Honda.

Frentzen was fired just before his home Grand Prix in 2001 and was a big shock to all in F1. Frentzen himself found out the bad news by fax and since then very little has been mentioned publicly.

"At the time I couldn't let Frentzen renew the contract because my only way of holding onto the Honda engine was by giving the drive to Sato," Jordan told the Irish Sunday Independent newspaper.

"I loved Frentzen - he won more grands prix for Jordan than anyone else but I had to protect the engine situation," Jordan added. "I took it on the chin. Nobody except myself and one or two in Jordan realised why I had to do it. I hated being in that position - I wanted to keep Frentzen but I couldn't."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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