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JRSC email about Turbo-spec cams

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So, I asked them if a turbo-spec cam like crower would help increase HP, and this is what I got:

"Normally they don't in that a Turbo needs extra exhaust lift to push on it to make power. On a supercharger where you don't have a Turbo as a restriction on the exhaust side of the engine the cam will just blow boost out of the engine and into the exhaust."
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sounds right to me.

what kinda cams are we supposed to get?
according to moss motors (Jackson Racing) there are no cams, other than stock per application, that provide a gain in power. They supposedly have tested many, BUT the only one they were able to get a positive gain took many many hours of dyno tuning. This means, keep your stock cams unless you wanna risk losing power. However, I believe that there is a cam out there... someone just needs to find it or make it.
I think it means they are just not done making theirs...Moss Motors is a nice place to talk with if you are tuning jackson stuff, but anything else they are clueless...All they want to do is sell Jackson Stuff and thats the bottom line...
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