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jrsc going up in price?

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hey my local shop tells me that the price for the jrsc's are going up by as much as $700 at the end of march.

Has anyone heard the same thing?
And how can they increase the price that much? it's close to a 25% increase i think.
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maybe for their cost. My shop told me the same thing and ya know what, it didn't happen because I bought it online through Also check out
I believe they are including the BTC and some other stuff that would resolve poor tuning issues.
yeah they know their kit is poorly tuned, no matter how much they like to deny it. it would be likely that they will include a few other things to resolve this issue.
hrmph, well if they do, it's about time they got their act together and put everything in with the kit, rather then making us pay for the map controller seperately and giving us that crappy relay.
Kit is poorly tuned? I didn't know the supercharger tuned itself.:rolleyes:

The more that is included in the kit, the more the price will be. I personally like having the option to add what you need to make the kit work. If you already had a 6BTM, you'd be pretty ticked if you had to pay for the JR BTC. Same goes for guys with real engine managment, they don't need all that piggyback shit.
you know damn well what i meant jackass!:p

considering the current stock set up is more than adequate, it would be better to keep costs down.

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