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JRSC Woooo freaking hoooooo

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i found one for my d15 hehehehe really cheap to i cant wait to get it. think im gonna get some arp head studs and get some ignition stuff:vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased:
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That's nice jdmB18hatch. I'm trying to sell mine locally here, just as soon as I have time to get it off the motor. You'll have fun with the JRSC. It pulls nicely from bottom to top end. Even more wicked with the zdyne ecu and injectors. I'm keeping those though, in case I wanna boost my future motor. I programmed custom fuel and timing maps, increased the rev limiter. That little D16 screamed pulled harder than GSR's (from friends comment after test drive), could spin them 17's up to 3rd gear, even with heavy people in my car.
I love my JRSC!!!

Wouldnt get rid of it for a b16/ turbo if you paid me.

well maybe if you paid me...:rolleyes:
Whoa! Selectscar, those are some pimped ass lights, too bad they are on a Fast and the Furious-spec body kit and spoiler :rolleyes:
hey there buddy found ur way back to SHO. u get them wheels yet?
Hey RaceInspired!

Body kit is Blitz and this car was together before the movie as I have been in a CRX since 1996 -- 3 of them.

Yourcomment is not appreciated so


until you actually know what your talking about.
JDMB18Hatch, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I am not joey, I am the "other" NoVA rexer... anyhow, he hasnt gotten his rims yet, I dont think he is gettin them anytime soon. Its his bday friday, got him a Mugen Radiator Cap, heheh :p

O yea, selectscar, the Blitz kit was on a shit load of F&F cars, and, I think your car woulda fit in well in the movie, might of even given Johnny Tran a run for his money with your 250 RP (rice power). Sweet array of: "gt" spoiler, Z3 fenders, "racing" wiper, and the 37" wheels ;) I kinda dig the lights tho, never seen those before.
man u 2 guys get me confused u have the zc and the rotas he has stock motor and them jdm wutevr wheels right. i thought the mugen rad cap only fit the newer rads and wont fit ours but spoon makes em for our cars
For as smart as you sound and apparently think you are I would think that you would recognize 98+ Accord lights. :p

and of course its in F&F -- Blitz has been out a bit longer than alot of others. How come I never hear anybody rag on Veilside for being in the movie? or better yet everything else?

I happen to like the movie and the cars.

....but I agree with you about the wiper.
ivan stop aruging with him its no use he like his car that way obviously
Correction, havent seen those lights on a CRX before... and if you had a kit like Veilside on your car, I would make fun of that.

I thought the cap did so also, but... eh, who knows? Mabye he'll get a fluidyne some time in the future, or something....
hey, seriously.

besides the wiper(gay) what realisticaly would you change if the car was yours??

Getting ready to repaint and have money left over to change other things.

I like heaing others opinions...even if I get a bit touchy.:D
Hmm.... wanna stand out? Ever consider Type-R yellow paint w/ CF hood (hard to fit i would assume with those lights) or somethin. I dont like the blitz front end, as you already know. Um, what else, the wing.... how bout some interior stuff? Sparco seats mabye, reupholstery? Motor work?
Entire interior is coming SPARCO (BLCK=SLVR)

I have a good bit in my engine already and I a going to continue when next Fall/Winter hits.

in Ohio you have to plan a bit to th seasons :(

CF hood -- I have to have it custom made -- still workin on price --

yellow?? You second person today that has said yellow

I wouldn't change anything on the car, 'cept the color (are those flames I see? NASTY)

I like the car man, love the air damn, you know why? cause I don't care if the kit was on a hundred other cars, the kit looks fucking sick on the CRX. and as far as the wiper thing goes, I have that same on my car, only mine sticks up a bit further.. annoys the shit out of my passengers.. LOL
Wiper just pisses me off because it only clears the middle of the windshield. Have to do the pimp lean to see when it rains.

Thanks though for the compliments.:)
hey guys my car would have fit perfectly in the movie....i deliver for pizza hut and i drive with the sign on top of my car....only except my car would be much faster than that pizza hut car in the movie.
I bet that pizza hut car could beat my shitter :(
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