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Discussion Starter #1 HID Kit; $175.00 shipped, Relay included, GREEN/PINK/PURPLE colors!!

Hello Super Honda members,

we are having our Klight HID for sale at forum price $175.00 (Compare to $184.95 on our website) PM us if you have any question

We are offering any bulbs for any cars, motorbikes and trucks. (H1, H3, H4/9003, H7, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, D1S, D1R, D2R, D2S, and D4S)

We have any color temperature.
3000K (golden yellow)
6000k (diamond white)
8000K (crystal blue)
10000K (light aqua blue)
12000K (aqua blue)

3000K, Green, Pink, and Mauve require special order $15 extra
H4 Dual beam requires special order$15 extra

Payment Options:
Paypal (please add 3%) and Check/Money Order (Personal checks 7 days to clear)

If you want to know more information about HID kit context and Light Color, Welcome browse our main website

Email: [email protected]

HID conversion Kit specification:

Product technology:

KLIGHT HID kits use advanced German technology, and all the parts and accessories are imported from reputed partners, assembled with high-tech equipment. The circuitry contains CPU chip control, data tract and feedback technique, while the working status can be watched, and lamp's temperature is invariable and steady. It assures light's luminance and penetration ability, soft and bright, not glare, and can afford a nice driving view. It can make driver ride car easily in all-weather. Therefore, KLIGHT HID kits are much steadier in a longer life using, and give more safety than others.

Quality guarantee:
All the KLIGHT HID kits are complying with many international multi-testing standards. The waterproof, anti-dust, and shockproof parameters are up to DIN400500, SAE J575 and DIN40056 legal standards respectively. Consequently, it has gained recognition and reputation from customers worldwide, and its band name is becoming more and more reliant around the world.

  • 3X the light output
  • 10X service life
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • Improved down-road illumination
  • Lighter color temperature (whiter light)
  • Lower power consumption
  • Rainproof Ballasts
Why do you buy the HID conversion kit from us?
Our kits are Plug & Play system; you do not require any wire cutting, custom fitting and stress. You just plug in each connection. The kits come with wiring harness has all the necessary connectors. No cutting or splicing of wires is required.
The Kits approved by E-MARK (e4) & CE certification and ISO-9001:2000 manufacturer.

What will be included in the package?
2 ballasts, 2 HID bulbs, 2 ballast holders, harness and Relay, Warranty card and installation instruction

Does the HID Kit comes with Warranty?
All HID kits comes with 1 year warranty.

Confused about what bulb type you should use??
You are check the bulb type of your car at the link below:

If anyone have any questions, just PM me or contact me via email.

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Here is Sample photo

Honda Civic Si 02 H3 3000K Fog Light

Honda Civic si 06 9006 6000K Headlight

Acura TSX 04 D2S 8000K Headlight

Honda Civic Si 06 9006 10000K Headlight

Acura Integra 00 9006 12000K Headlight

Nissan S14 9005 Geen High Beam

Acura Intergra 00 9006 Mavue headlight

We hope above pics can help you guys choose the color !!!!
More Pics?? chekcout our mian webiste

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JonnyGoBOOM said:
Have there been any problems with the housing melting or warping in any way over long periods of use?
No all our cars and a lot of our personal friends car had them for more or less than a year already and we did not receive any problems

The fault rate on these ballast/bulbs are very low too and we only get way less than 5% of returns/exchanges.
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