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The best bang for buck is a dc sports header.

I remember a dyno thread on HT a long time ago. they were done open header...since they didn't have multiple sets of exhaust systems.

I believe the dc sports netted 4 WHP. SMSP was around was Mugen.

DC Sports
300/4 = $75/WHP

1,000/8 = $125/WHP

1,200/8 = $150/WHP

DC sports yielded the best bang for buck with an untuned header for the comparison.

Now...tune these engines...and it might be different....but my guess is....DC sports will probably still be the best bang for buck out of any header on the market for our Honda's.

Turbo is good for bang for buck.

3,500/70 = $50/WHP
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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