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post in this thread if you have something for sale this month. There will be a new thread for each month to keep things semi-current and so you guys dont have to dig through a big thread of old parts.

once the month of June is over, this thread will be closed and placed in the FAQ so you can easily find it for whatever reason. once we get a few months done, there will be the 2 previous months in the FAQ at all times and the most recent one will be stickied at the top of the forum.

rules to posting:

1. only post if you are selling something. which means, do not ask someone about the parts they are selling, this is what the PM function is there for. if you do post and you arent selling anything it will be deleted without notification.

2. at least post up some sort of price so people have an idea of how much you want for it. its better than being lowballed anyways. you can always put OBO

3. this isnt absolutely necessary but pictures always help a sale, especially with used parts. so if you have a camera, use it :tu

and remember, FOR SALE ONLY. no WTB's

edit: the next few posts are taken from the existing for sale thread from the this month. i couldnt figure out how to put their post into this thread so i just copied and pasted and added their name to the top of the post.

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irockdaparty85 said:
97 Honda Prelude SH
I'm getting close to marriage...So I have to let go of my car. Please pm me with any interest, questions or offers.

Rev-Hard Turbo Kit
T3/T4 Turbo .60ar
Tial 38mm wastegate 7psi Spring
Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold
Skunk2 Pro-Series 68mm Throttle Body
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
HKS 120mm Filter
RC Engineering 650cc Injectors
RC Engineering OBD1 Inj. Clips
Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
Turbo XS Boost Controller (Removed)

2.5" DownPipe
Full 3" Exhaust (Thank You Mufflex)
Welded DumpPipe
Magnaflow 3" Oval Muffler

Hondata S200 W/ Boost, Datalogging &
all the goodies

ACT Xtreme Pressure plate
Organic Street Disc
ACT 8lb Flywheel

Neuspeed Sport Springs
Tanabe Rear Upper Strut Tower Bar

5Zigen 5ZR Copse Silver 18X7.5

Repainted Dark Pearl Red
BuddyClub2 Body Kit
BuddyClub2 CF Front Splitter

Vis Evo CF Hood
Seibon CF Trunk

Sparco Speed Seats Red Suede
Momo Suede Shift Boot
Autometer Boost, Oil Pressure guages
Aem 52mm Wideband
Autometer 52mm CF Gauge Cups X3

12" Eclipse Aluminum Subs
Alpine DVD Flip
ADS Audio 3way Front Speakers
ADS Audio 2way Rear Speakers
Stinger Wiring, Grounds Etc.
Viper Amps 1200.1, 400.2, 400.2
& Alot of Fiberglass
Stinger Battery Isolator
Optima RedTop
Optima YellowTop
Hella Supertone Horns
& Alot of interior parts painted to match the exterior color.

Tuning By Car_V2 of Delaware
250whp & 183 ft lbs at 7psi

The car has considerably low miles, 60,000
And it has a reconstructed title. It's inspected PA &
I'm asking $10k OBO

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PreludeKing1995 said:
95' Prelude Vtec, Milano red, black leather, jdm engine w/ around 50-75k miles on it, paint is good minus a 9 inch long scratch on the front bumper from a lawnmower accident lol. interior is clean, all thats wrong is the stitching in the drivers seat has pulled loose and opened a hole in the bottom (where your ass goes...) the chassis itself has 230k on it, its been repainted within the last 2 years (or right at 2 years ago, maybe a little more)

problems with transmission though- something in either the clutch hydrolics or the clutch itself are going and its hard to get it in gear, the clutch wont disengage all the way so therefor it wont allow you to put it in gear without pushing harder than neccisary. otherwise the engine is in top shape, all electrical works, car has 17'' silver wheels, kenwood headunit, pioneer speakers upgraded all around, magnaflow exhaust, apexi intake and some other little ricer upgrades lol. anyway the important part is im trying to sale this thing, have been for months (have another new car in the family that needs more attention than i can currently give it with this prelude taking up some fundage) so ill let her go for $3000 and your responsible for getting the car. i will be able to drive to any state line if needed but wont leave my state of alabama, im in the birmingham metro area. pm me for any more info, only seriouse inquiries please

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BerzerkerViP said:
Ok so i got Fmax turbo kit(used) no Shaft play + AEM Ems.

This is for 5th Gen.

You get:
Its the Fmax Kit

-T3/t4 turbo
-IC piping(needs to be painted)

-HKS turbo Timer
-More electronic accesories.

Any close up pic's i can get upon request, This is a used kit i sanded the IC piping u will need to repaint it has normal wear and tear if you have any questions PM me or email me at [email protected]

Asking price is 2500 OBO

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SpliF3d said:
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood - Used for maybe 3 months, great condition, great fitment. Fits 97+ Prelude. **$275 + s/h**

17 x 7 Rota Subzeros; 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern
Decent tread on the Yokahoma ES100 tires. Maybe 70%. I bought these wheels used, then took them off before i traded in my car. They were repainted by the previous owner. There are a few nicks and scratches.

**Make Offer**

If you need any more pics or have any questions, shoot me a pm.

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1999 Prelude Turbo

Selling my 1999 Honda Prelude Turbo $13,500. Here is the list of items
that will go with the car and specs:

Mileage:100,500 (about 50,000 on motor)
Color: Nordic Mist
Transmission: 5-Speed
Tuned to 249 WHP 221 Tourqe (Dynoed by Church automotive)

Greddy Turbo Kit
Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
Greddy RS BOV
Greddy Boost controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Boost Guage
Greddy Evo exhaust
RC 440CC injectors

Clutchmaster stage 5 clutch
AEM 9lb Fylwheel
Brand New Quaffe LSD

Tien HA coilover/dampers
Brembo crossdrilled/slotted rotors (on car)
also AEM 13in cross drilled/rotors (will come with car also)

16x7 Bronze Rota Circuit 10 with Dunlop tires
18x7.5 Gunmetal with Polished Lip Excel DL-46 (will come with car but
need tires)
Stock wheels will come with car also.

Greddy Front lip
OEM sides
OEM rear lip
VIS carbon fiber Trunk (stock trunk will come with car also)
Carbon Fiber hood (Stock hood is on car right now, carbon hood needs to
be redone)

Trust Shift knob
Broadway mirror

Extra Items:
short ram intake (had it before the car was turboed)
Stock injectors
Stock ECU with Greddy blue box (had before I got HonData and tuned)

Note:Front and rear bumpers need to be repainted due to paint chips and
muffler may need to be swapped out. Also, AC is currently not working
due to one rubber hose broke. Just replace the hose and get the AC
recharged and it will work. I gotta do what I gotta do. All labor was done by Kevin at Epic Motoring in Wilmington. Car was Dyno Tuned by Church Automotive in Wilmington also. Call me 310-755-8810, I will be happy
to answer any questions. The car is located in Torrance (310).

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stock H22/H23/F22 flywheel = $30

4th gen USDM headlights + brackets + corner lenses = $20

4th gen stock cat-back exhaust = $30

sealed "Q-Logic" (i think) sub box, fits 2 12 inch subs = $30

stock shift knob = $3

JUST ADDED: neuspeed sport springs. about 7,000 miles. 1 year old. $120

will get pics ASAP

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For sale - Nitrous Express Stage 1 EFI System ( )

This kit was purchased brand new and installed in late July/Early August of last year and used for less than 1 bottle’s worth. I only filled up the bottle once, and that was when I first bought it. There may still be some nitrous left inside the bottle. Everything is still in very good condition, since it was barely used, thus the only reason why I’m selling the kit.

The bottle, however, does not say Nitrous Express. It is a Nitrous Express bottle, just with a Nopi label

I’m looking to get $425 shipped OBO for the kit.

It will also include NGK V-power 8 Heat Range spark plugs (inside an Iridium IX box). If you are using nitrous, make sure that you are not using Platinum spark plugs (I’m not sure about Iridiums either). The plugs are still in good condition. They were used in my H22.

The kit has everything you need to easily install into any Import car. Most of the kit is still wired, so it will make the install much easier. However, you may have to purchase one fitting for the fuel line, depending on your car. The fitting can be purchased from your local speed shop, and it cost me about 6 bucks for it. For some reason it didn’t come with the kit when I bought it.

Please PM if you are interested.

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AIM / IM for Inquiries.

* Shipping extra

5th gen spare tire - 25

AEM Cold Air Intake - 75

8lb Fidanza Flywheel - 180

Exedy Cerametallic Clutch #08952 - 200

SPSS1 Revalved Koni Yellow Dampers - 500

Ground Control 400 and 600 springs - 250

Hypercoil 850 and 1000 lb springs - 75 each

Generic Rear Upper Strut Bar - 25

Momo Cup GT Seat with Momo Side mounts and custom prelude floor mount - 400

Momo Mod 78 330mm Suade Steering Wheel - 120

Spherical Front Radius Rod Bushings - 100

Energy Suspension Front Radius Rod Bushings - 20

Energy Suspension Motor Mount Insert Bushings - 25

Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - 20

OEM Taillights - 125

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FS: Prelude Parts

Hello everyone, I have a few parts I'm just trying to get rid of. I have no use for them and it's just taking up space in my room and garage, so if anyone would like to buy these parts, just let me know. PM me or email me at [email protected]

1) NOS wet kit w/purge-$400
2) H22a4 VTEC head-$350
3) Top portion of OEM header-$20
4) H22a4 engine wire harness-$100
5) OEM injectors-$50
6) OEM H22a4 IM-$60
7) OEM H22a4 Throttle Body-$90
8) OEM H22a4 Dizzy w/wires-$100
9) OEM H22a4 Ignitor-$50
10) OEM H22a4 PS & Alt. brackets-$50
11) OEM H22a4 AC bracket-$40
12) OEM H22a4 VTEC Solenoid-$50
13) OEM H22a4 EGR valve solenoid and sensor-$60
14) OEM Black Shift boot-$20
15) OEM fuel pump-$50

These prices are without shipping and paypal fees which will be extra...I might have more stuff up for sale later when I sort through everything else...

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Hondata, AVC-R, 1000cc injectors, Fuel Stuff, and OEM Prelude parts

For Sale:
Hondata s300 w/ p28 ecu (OBD II) $800
Hondata S200 (with Boost) $300
Avc-r boost controller $375
Aem fuel pressure regulator $100
Walbro 255 lph HP fuel pump $70
MSD 96# injectors (1000cc peak hold) Used for only 10 runs on the dyno $375
2.5 Bar Map sensor $50
97 Prelude ECU $150
OEM h22a4 Intake Manifold $100
OEM h22a4 rods and pistons $100
OEM h22a4 valve springs and retainers $50
OEM h22a4 Fuel Rail $45
OEM h22a4 Injectors $50

Prices do not include shipping.. .Please PM me if you need pics.

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