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Jus got some taillights. What do u think?

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My taillights. What u people think?

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How did you get those, There still on ebay! lol
:rolleyes: Those are 1st gen alteeza's with the chrome part painted black. If I can pick up a cheap pair of 1st gen's I am going to do the same thing cuz they be lookin hott!:cool: And BTW I see that you already have 1st gen alteezas on your car, Let me know if your lookin to sell them.
that's a dated picture man... i painted it myself. I used grenada black pearl and cleared 6 coats. It will never ever fade. EVER
they look like the "carbon fiber-look" altezzas
Vietsol said:
My taillights. What u people think?
"Steppin' Up", Bud!
Yea it looks like the carbon fiber altezzas, and if you painted those you did a great job. I like those better than reg. altezzas.
Very Nice

I Love Your Tails
Yeah They Have the Carbon Fiber Look But Who Cares Cause you Can Say you did Them Your Self
Nice Job
Very Clean
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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