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Jus to make sure....

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As u guys can tell im jus now learning about Turbos. ...
Running at 5.5 psi everyday, daily driver, with a Greddy kit - no intercooler, with stock internals, ......
Will driving it everyday wear and tear the engine in a couple of years ?
And can my stock clutch handle the turbo ?

Thanks !!!!!:D
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why do you post the same question twice, but worded differently... if i was the moderator here... (hint hint) this post would be deleted... :D
Your stock clutch, let alone any clutch wont take abuse over time. I would say the stock clutch will not hold the turbo. That should be replaced. Driving it everyday depends on you. If your beating that crap out of it from stop light to stop light, you tell me the answer. If you use the power when needed, you will be fine as long as there is no signs of detonation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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