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Jus to make sure....

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Im gettin a Greddy Kit for $2700 cdn installed in the spring.

As u guys can tell im jus now learning about Turbos. ...
Running at 5.5 psi everyday, daily driver, with a Greddy kit - no intercooler, with stock internals, ......
Will driving it everyday wear and tear the engine apart in a couple of years ?
And can my stock clutch handle the turbo ?

Thanks !!!!!:D
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Well yeah driving any car with any or no mods for any amount of time puts a certian wear and tear on the engine. The key in turbo charging is tuning, fuel managment, spark managment, and maintence. If you have all of those you can boost over 5.5psi safley. But if you have stock injectors, plugs, dont maintain, or tune your engine then you can forget about keeping that engine for a long time.
To boost over 5.5psi get a holley in-tank fuel pump, larger injectors, fpr, msd blaster coil, wires, plugs, apex afc unit, and do some dyno tuning. Pick up a a/f gague, wastegate, blow off vavle, and an intercooler and you will be eating V8's for lunch(or dinner or breakfast, or maybe brunch).
Good luck tuning and remember the 4 key elements in Turbo charging and you will go far.
Thanks man, but I ment more how much more does turbo wear down ur engine than if ya didnt have it. But thanks - when I have it installed I will make sure to keep up with my tuning - and slowly upgrade the components u mentioned.
And whats the max psi my stock clutch can handle before im gonna have to stick in a clutchmasters ?
well the greddy has an internal wastegate and the blue box can handle the fuel. you will be boosting 6.5psi though thats what the greddy comes set up at (pretty sure you cant go any lower)
but you do need a new fuel pump i like jackson racings pump but there are many others. and injectors are not a must but will help deliver the fuel more efficiently. and if you dynotune and do things right like HybridJDMHonda said, you can boost up to 8psi on your internals. :D clutch will last until it goes :confused: havent gone through my clutch yet
my 2 cents worth
the min boost on the Greddy Kit is 5.5 psi (well I thought n e wayz - im pretty sure), thanks for the info though.
Besides upgrading the fuel pump, getting the guages I need, turbo timer, and BOV, n e thing else I should invest in to ensure a lenghthy life of my engine and turbo ?????:sleep: :laughy: :sonic: :vpleased: :p :sonic:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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