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Just a little???

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Have any of guys been in both the ITR and GSR? I wanted to know how quite on the inside is the GSR compared to the R? I am thinking about getting a used GSR for my daily driving.
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ITR is a little rougher then the GSR, the gausges are also diffrent I believe the redline for a GSR is about 8 and ITR is 8.5 or 8.1 I forgot GSR is fairly nice smooth and fast!! Your Choice of getting a 2d or 4d but 2d looks nicer although 4d you get more space and easier access of people and you can laugh at your friend for trying to get in the car through the front door ( it hillarious) since 4d looks like its a 2D. :D
yeah people at first thought my car was a coupe, when its a sedan, but a sedan integra looks great! I love sedans, and the look on people's faces when a GSR sedan beats a coupe, because people always have the notion that a sedan is slow when its only <100 lbs. heavier. Anyhow, a GSR as a daily driver is a good choice.
Yeah the sedans are cool too, although I prefer the coupe. If I were you and just wanted a daily driver, I'd get a GS-R. Cheaper and comfier, still fun. Of course, if it were my choice, I'd go for the R. :D By the way, the redline on the GS-R is 8100 and the R is 8400.
I already have an ITR I am going for the GSR as an additional car.
I think the seats in the GSR are softer as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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