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"The Fix
There are several ways to fix this problem. The first would be to do an OBD1 "conversion" where you replace the stock ECU with an older one from the '93-'95 Prelude. This has its own drawbacks, requiring you to find/buy an ECU, a conversion harness (or making your own), etc. Even more expensive and time consuming would be to switch to a standalone system from Motech, AEM/GEMS, Haltech, etc.

While any of these would certainly be desireable and provide you with other options (such as programmability), there is a much cheaper and easier solution. Knowing that the OBD2 ECU will eventually learn and "detune" what you are working to achieve, the real objective here is to insure that your computer doesn't learn, or more accurately, "forgets" what it learns. What we will cover here is interrupting the backup power to the ECU to make sure that it does not retain it's memory while the car is off. It will "detune" while you are driving but go back to a clean slate every time you shut the engine off. Also, since the EGR and catalytic converter malfunctions are stored and only "flagged" as a problem after multiple driving cycles, these will be reset each time you start the car. This means you can install a test pipe (provided the second O2 sensor is still installed) or block off the EGR valve (or remove it) and not have to worry about a CEL. Not a perfect method, but a LOT cheaper, easier, and almost as effective as any other option.

What we will be doing here is installing a switch on the backup power line to the ECU that will allow you to turn "on" or "off" the memory function of the ECU. Please note that this mod is effectively the same as pulling the 7.5A CLOCK/RADIO fuse from the under-hood fuse panel, or removing the battery cable (all of which reset the ECU). The beauty of this mod is that you don't have to pull a fuse each time you shut the car down, and you don't reset the clock and radio (requiring you to re-enter the security code). If you are VERY worried about tearing into the stock wiring, you may want to just pull the fuse weekly, which is about as "fast" as the ECU learns (a few hundred miles). "
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