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Hey guys,
Graduated college about two years ago, and figured it was time to get myself something nice. I don't make tons of money, but I figured a used Acura would be the way to go.

Did some looking around, and had a used Audi/BMW/Volvo dealer friend of mine to help track down a TL. Took some time checking dealer auctions, but he came across one that fit the bill, both for the car and my pocket.

Ended up with a 2005 TL, 84k miles, gun metal grey, AT, non-NAV, with ground effects. The ground effects look pretty professional, and as if they are bolted on to the body and tightened on the inside of the body. They look really good (minus the metal bolt caps showing on the mud flaps), but my buddy that helped me get the car wasn't sure if they are aftermarket or a factory option.

Havent been able to find ground effects as a factory/dealer option, was wondering if you guys knew more about it. Also, if there is a guide to decode the VIN, that would be awesome. Thx guys

PS. When the tint, and repair work gets done, I will snap some pics and post em.
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