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well i needed A little beater car and was going to get a civic 4door but my friend (luck has it )was selling his 97 del sol with under 80,000 miles i asked how much he told me ...."for you $3,000"

i said sold :)
i now have a sweet little del sol (black non vetec) only thing is im not sure if its a s or si since the stickers where taken off!

the car runs like a champ now what intake to get and exaust !:)

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Congratulations. Beater car? I hope you're kidding.

Anyway, thats a damn good deal you got for that car, especially for a 97 with 80,000 miles. The S and Si did not have stickers on them that said what they are. There are ways you can check to see if it is an Si or just an S.
The si has:

rear disc brakes
power mirrors
power door locks (95+ i think)
redlines at 7200 (i think? S redlines at 6400)

Or, you can also look at the vin number too, hehe.
Go to w w w.teamdelsol.c o m (take out the spaces, of course) then click on "Tech Stuff" Then go to the bottom of the page and click on "What does my VIN mean?" Enter your VIN number and it will tell you all you need to know about your sol.
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