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I just did the Ghetto Timing Adjustment thing a sec ago....i turned it about 1/4 inch, which a mechanic told me an 1/8 inch was 1 degree. Anyway, I felt a definite increase in power from around 2300 to vtec, then vtec took over and it was about the same after that. However i did notice a definite drop off in power from about 4800-to shift point. The power difference's were like those felt from say my spark plug wires it was more of a response than power almost. But it was noticeable.

Cool thing though while i was testing it...a V6 camaro pulled up at a red light we started off a little aggresive neither of us floored it..then he hit it and i did too, just as he did.......I caught him and left him, he gave me a thumbs was like a 40 yr old.

I think i am gonna go put it on 1/8 inch now.....just to see....i'll prolly put it back to stock and leave it after that....don't wanna risk messin anything up.

Sorry so long.
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