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Just moved to the Corona area. Are there any car crews around here?

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Wassup, I'm new around and I was wondering if there are car crews around the corona area. I don't know anyone around here and eventuall I would like to make some friends and maybe join a crew.
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Corona is gay!

Just moved to O.C. from Corona. Lived there for about 18 years. Don't get stuck....get out now!!!! If there are any crews, they're the kind that sport the yellow moldings and mirrors on a silver, green, red car.:eek:
It's true, Corona is pretty damn boring (been here for about 13 years). I don't know of any car crews. Just a bunch of riceboys. But there are a few people who are serious about cars. A friend of mine has a 99 Blk teg w/ ls-vtec that you might see around, another of my friends has a sleeper hatchback, and so forth. I'm just starting on my car so it looks stock except for the clear bumper lights. :sleep: you'll make friends quick, most people in the city are pretty friendly, but watch your back cuz some will stab you in the back when they get the chance.:mad:
There are a few quik cars that i know of in Corona
I guess you could say that i'm one of them...but other than me
- toms 11 sec vr4
- noel's WRX w/ a few mods
- vu's low 14 sec gsr
- dustin's 13 sec/low 14 sec ls vtec
- brad/jeffs 500+ hp mustang mach 1
- eddies b16 ef hatch
- jons accord v6 w/ intake, exhaust (trust me, this thing is fuggin quick)
- spys celica gt (lucky engine)

A few of the guys that i kick it w/ occassionlly...
wow vu is in low 14's now? i remember when he just got the car. dustin is the friend of mine i was talking about. eddie is my friend with the sleeper hatch. i remember meeting jon and the guy with the celica (he always wanted to race my auto 90 celica gt). You might have seen my old ricey celica around, bright red, shogun kit, and konig wheels. now i just need to sell that thing. if you guys know of anyone let me know, it's a very reliable car.
Thanks guys for the info. I guess I'll have to join a crew out by my old house in west Covina. Thanks anyways.
dafelung, what car are you driving around?
you might have seen me. A lil description of us (me n' the car)around town. 90 CRX Si. A red one, lowered w/ tinted windows. No "exhaust" just unbolted, piloted by a young black male.

By the way, is your celica have a big wing on it?
i think i've seen you around. no my car has no wing at all. here's a pic. one of these days i'll get some pics of my gsr
Hey you guys ever come over by the street rimpau. I think thats how its spelled. Are you in that part of corona? I live by Santiago high. I haven't race that many people around here though. I remember one night awhile ago I was grocery shopping with my sister and I met up with some guys that wanted to race. I first raced these white guys in a red crx. I don't know what was done to it but anyway I smoked it. Next up was a integra Ls with a b16a. It was driven by some black guy with dreeds. I smoked him to. I aslo raced one of his friends who was driving a white civic. He and his b16 also lost to me. I wonder what happended to them. The civic was lowered with I think a black widow kit. I don'e remember. It was white though. The integra was also white with white rims and a wing. Do you guys know who I'm talking about. I wonder if you know them.
yea man i go to school at centennial high down on rimpau. i live about 2 min from santiago if you take foothill. anyway the guy in the white integra goes to my school as well, think his name is horace. if it was a really riced out teg then it was him. :p
Yeah, the integra was riced out. So you guys are all highschool students huh. I'm only 18 but I graduated already.
yeah, that guy that you smoked w/ the dreads...thats horace. I heard he talks a lot of shiet to people. Well, he was talking shiet to Vu...he thinks his car is so damn fast...but its on a ls tranny...OUCH !
Nightridarex...what does your car look like? I live 2 blocks from santiago also. Email me sometime [email protected] I have a crx and an integra.
Yeah DAFeLUNG, that guy horace saw me racing the a crx and then he pulled up along side me in his "moms" car I think and asked me if I wanted to run. He said that he would go get his car and told me to meet him at some jack in the box. When we met up he had brought a couple of his freinds and they were all acting just a little to confident. Anyways I told my sister to put her seatbelt on and watch the excitment. Then I proceeded to smoke him in his integra and his buddy's civic. I think he felt stupid after that. anyways it was funny to me and my sis.
Hey DRFlickner, My crx is white. lowered with rota racing rims. Gunmetal color. I have recently added a blitz front bumper with buddy club side skirts and back bumper. The front and back bumper are sky blue. Its looks funny. driven by me a young black male. anyways its in the shop right now and I'm looking for a job around here so that I can save up money and get it back out and continue work on it.
the guy with the dreads? drives a blu tegra? he's a chump. welp, nice chattin'. Little to old for this room, thought the thread starter was atleast 20 somethin
oh yeah...there are actually a few crews in corona, i completely forgot about them

Inspiration and Stryker
Stryker is actually pretty big, they have a jdm turbo dc-2 (past cover of import tuner) That shiet is fuggin JDM'd out. They have a nice s14 too...
I do believe the driver of that 88 Blue civic is one handsome devil...
and he's slow. If you see him, race him for money.
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