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just rebuilt..heLPPPP

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Hey this is my 2nd time rebuilding now and i am experiencing a lot of difficulties. My engine check blinks occationally and it is throwing off the codes for cylinder1,2,3,4 misfire, engine coolant hi output, and iac fault. When it gets to 4k rpm its starts bogging and it wont go past 5k. The engine idles like shit. Pressure on my vafc is up all the way. I have to give it gas to keep it alive when the engine is cold.

things i've tried:
new iav valve, new distributor unit, new plug wires, gapping plugs, and new injectors.

Nothing i've tried seems to have done anything. I've went through my wires on the harness like 3 times. they all seem to be right

PleASEEEE HELP ME...any other suggestions to try would be really appreciated..thANks
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so did you ever get it fix, and what was the problem? i would like to know cause i am having almost he same problem. my check light comes on and it is reading misfire cylinder 1 and 2. runs fine but can't past the obd2 smog reading.
You both have the right ecus right? dont flame just a question
yea the same stock ecu that came with the car. would you know what is wrong need to past emission past due already. all that fixed long time ago. My valves needed adjusting real bad. Passed my emissions week ago.:)

Going to tune my aem ems tomo.
BOOSTdependent what shop did you take it to? how long did it take for them to figur out what was wrong or did you do it yourself? you said adjust not replace valves right, i just hope it's not the valves bent or anything no time no money. do you thing it's the valve, i have crower valves w/ 9:1 je pistons running 10 psi could they have got damage some how. runs fine but idles @ 645rpm sometimes @ 730 sometime normal like i like it @ 800/840 rpm.
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