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K guys I committed to a race tell me your thoughts

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I used to have a dodge intrepid. I had the newer model with the 225 hp engine and i know what it could do. It was decently quick but the v6 accord and maxima would rape it. Well i recently visited my old dodge board and this guy with a first gen intrepid 3.5 new 214 hp but not a quick car new challenged me to a race. His mods are cold air intake and some port work and something else internally that shouldnt add a whole lot of power. No NOS yet and no super or turbo. He seems confident he can beat me cause he beat a Civic stock ex well just an exhaust which is really more or less stock. What are your thoughts on this? I still say i beat him easily. Stock on those cars new are like 8 seconds-9 who knows but he has miles on it . The mileage wear and mods should negate each other. Those engines are not good engines to retain power with alot of miles like a honda. If i race should I wager and how much???
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I know Dude

I have a rsx type s . That is why i am here to get opinions. I should beat this dodge easy right???
if you are sure the mods he have are what you listed... you should have no problem beating him. ive raced those intrepids in my si and i would beat them and the type-s has a lot more hp and more importantly tq ;) id wager everything you have... then again he could have some nos or something that he isnt telling you about :-/
well he said those are future mods

nos some turbo or something. He said they are in the future but he doesnt have them now.
We have no idea... coz ... WE DON"T DRIVE AMERICAN CAR or something...
You should win in your RSX.
Any mods to your car?
lol.....thats funny...will I beat a Dodge Intrepid in my rsx-s??? HAHAHHAHAHa..unless you screw up on your launch thats the only way you'll lose..i'd suggest doing a rolling start....
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