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K series motor swap...

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Can you swap a K20A2 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC 02+ Civic TypeR into a 96 Civic? If so, does anyone know how much it would cost to do a swap like this?
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most likely...but there might be clearance issues....however there is no mount kit right now so you will have to wait for that.......and then you have to find an engine (i have seen them selling for about 8-9G complete)
Its possible and the last time I talked to Hasport they had a kit in the works
its possible but itll cost alot of money.
as the k series engine will spin differently from the other honda engines.
divinewisdom said:
the k series engine will spin differently from the other honda engines.
That has nothing to do with it
So in other words it would be kind of stupid to do this swap? I would probably be better off putting a B16A2 or H22A in right? Also, would it be better to do a swap like this in a Hatchback? Thanx for all the help...
i dont think it would be would be new and tight........just something different then the old overrated B16a....why not just drop a b16b in there and make it a real type r? or you could always sell or trade the hatchback to me for A CRX!!!! (not the one in my sig....i have another one)
ich_folge said:
That has nothing to do with it
ok. i thought that since the engines are mounted differently and plus the way that the engine spins with a different drive train then it would make it more diffficult. but if you say it has nothing to do with it, then i'll take you word for it.
but then again, with enough money anything is possible.
well i fyou want to put a K series into your car...expect to spend well over $10k for custom parts and so can be done....just you got to pay to learn how to do it...
it can be done, and is in the process of being done, here are some pictures, and NO they are not photoshopped this is being done by a shop called area 51 and this is there prototype EK and they are forming engine mounts.

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how many horsepower does the B16B have, and how much would that kind of swap cost? I really want to get a motor that has some horsepower when I do a swap, but I want a motor that is reliable also and not something I will have to do a lot of work to all the time because I am gonna be driving the car quite a bit.
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