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Yes my engine is a Honda B16A2.
My time at the 1/4 Mile was last year 16,130sec, but that was only with the catalytic replacer.

Engine Mods :
- Catalytic Replacer Custom Made
- INVIDIA Catback G300
- APEXI VAFCII Limited Edition --> First to Dyno
- TENZO R Cold Air Intake --> Now Short Air
- TENZO R Radiator Cap
- TENZO R Short Shifter
- JDM Integra Type R Strut Bar
- JDM Civic Type R Oil Cap
- Crankcase Breather Chrome
- SPOON Reservoir Tank Covers
- FORMULA 1 Mugen Valve Cover

Interior :
- JDM Civic Type R 7th Gen Seats
- JDM Integra Type R Back Seat
- Civic Type R Seat Belt Pad
- Civic Type R Floormats
- Civic Type R Clockcover
- SKUNK2 RACING Shift Knob
- Aluminium Look Dashboard Film

Exterior :
- Civic Type R Grill
- Lexusstyle Taillights
- WINGS WEST Spoiler
- JDM Type R Logo's at Front and Back

Suspension and wheels :
- KONI Adjustable Shock Absorbers
- REDLINE Sport Springs
- Strutbar At The Back
- BSA RACING Wheels 16"
- DUNLOP SP Sport 9000 Tires (205-45-16)
- BIMECC Lug Nuts

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Hello, there are a few thing that i have changed in my list above.
Installed my Civic Type R Look Headlights, removed my spoiler.
And here is a Picture of my car last weekend.
The bodykit is been moved to next year, because the Vis Racing Rear Bumper was in very bad chape.


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with that engine and all mods, i think your car should run atleast 15 seconds flat or 14 highs, have your engine tuned properly.. and if you are really serious on the 1/4 mile run..i suggest you change your tires to 195/55 rim 15s.. and light set of alloy wheels are a must!!
also pick a good set of tires, perhaps yokohama neova or dunlop formula or other sticky brands...this will really help you alot in 1/4 mile.
stock B16s run 16secs, yours should really run on 14 or 15secs..

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The underground was at the start different then when you shift gear from 1->2.
My car without my VAFCII has got I think 170HP or less. (15,861sec)

Other cars there time :
- Honda Integra of ower team has got 215HP with 15" rims and he drives 14,498sec.
- Honda Civic Type R 200HP --> 15,099sec (The best time of 2 CTR's)
- Honda CRX Del Sol B16A2 Turbo +/-330HP --> 14,165sec
- Nissan Skyline 680HP --> 12,710sec

So I think that's my time wasn't so bad at all.
Greetz ;)

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Hi, this weekend i have broken my time on the 1/4mile sprint/drag.

The Time a have driven was 15,694sec with a speed of 90,17 Miles/hour or 145 km/u

I think the Carbon have maked de difference.
This time the back seat was still in the car so we gonna do some weight reduction before the sprint of sunday.
It is the last sprint meeting of this year, we are gonna break that time.
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