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i didn't seen any classifieds forum so i guess i'll just post it up in here :)

thank you!!

This is really a nice piece has some of here as already comment ..

it sounds just like the MUGEN with a nice mellow tone below vtec and a race mugen vtec sound ..

this muffler is constructed in full Stainless steel and machine tig weld

u can see it at
and sells for 350$+ when new at shops..

220$ USD shipped to continental USA
200$ shipped to canada

i accept paypal for security..and postal money orders

this muffler is only 1 month old!!!

and fits only 94+ INTEGRA ...2door and 4 doors

thank you :)

email me at a_o_i!! hotmail !! com


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First off..this is my garage..and not in the house and the stuff on the grounds were just used to washed my wheeeeels :p

then the corona..well i had nothing else quick about that height to hold the muffler so ..

please take in consideration that the mufffler is a lot more grey than it looks on the pic..looks almost like gold :p ahaha i am selling it cause it doesn't fit on my lude
i bought it cause i thought i could make it fit.. cause i'm amking a custom exhaust for my 97 lude, but it doesn't..cause of the difference in the suspension it exites too high and hits the sway bar on the preludes..

so that is why i must sell it..i acquired another exhaust that actually fit the prelude :p and i need to pay for it
only need 1 muffler on my car :p

that's about it..

i plugged it only once on the car..on stands and it was going downward..was just to listen to it to see how was the sound..and it is awsome..really hurts me that it doesn't fit on my car :(

that's the big story :)

the first owner only used it for 1 month..and purchased an apexi N1 catback or something like that ..

thanks :)

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just like a mugen....right.....
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