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Lamborghini Test Driver Video From Top Gear Series

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This Is Lamborghinis Test Driver Lucky Bastard

sorry if the server is slow awsome video thou
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man, that guy can drive....................the commentator is a wussy.......he probably pissed his pants.......i probably would too tho.....hahah
i think the commentator is maaad funny
have u ever seen his review on a skyline gtr? its funny.

"u can download this information to ur pc on this connector here. u can compare ur drive home from work with ur drive home last night......that should make u a hit with the girls." lol
HAHA yeah That GUy Is Funny

hes like still living in the 80s hes got wierd hair and dresses funny hahaha jeremy clarkston is his name i think him and tiff neddel are the main top gear hosts
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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