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lame I know but.... "rims"

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I know we all hate these posts when they come from everywhere but, hey, I dont care! :)

What Im looking for are a set of 17" Black rims form somewhere.

Ive already tried tiretrack and modacar they didnt have squat that I could actually see.

I need a website that I can actually see the wheel in black not just in silver or chrome!

Anybody have any good sites?
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They're only 16s, but they're mine, and for sale :) (maybe)

I would put them in the 'for sale' thread but they'ye technically not up for sale....... yet..... unless somebody wants them
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how bout getting rims you like and have powdercoated black......
Like I did :D
is that a hundai?
lol yeah next to the shitter..... I hate Hyundais......
Phatwhippin_CRX said:
lol yeah next to the shitter..... I hate Hyundais......
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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