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Larger valves...

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as I am preparing to tear into the head with the port and polish and the cams and what not, I've decided to also add larger valves to the mix while I'm at it. Problem is I cant find anyone that offers them. Once again, any help or ideas/comments would be a appreciated.
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if i'm going this far into building it up why stop? you dont think with stage 3 cams and a port polish larger cams would be worth it? everyone that i have talked to said they would be more beneficial than even the port and polish as a honda head is already free flowing. i've just got money burning a hole in my pocket and gotta spend it somewhere, so why not?
i talked to erik from eriks racing and he specifically told me that he doesnt get any hp from using oversize valves on N/A applications, only FI
well i plan on putting some nitrous in the future....
But i've heard you can't go over 0.5mm oversized if you are going turbo....and 1mm oversized for n/a apps only....hmmm
after doing some research, talking to individuals, i've decided against the port and polish and the oversized valves, not worth the money and the gains wouldnt be noticeable enough for a honda. bummer
yeah i was about 99% sure you wouldnt get significant gains out of oversized valves... i think the port & polish is worth it though....

well, from what i read, the most improvements are at the combustion chamber, cleaning up the valve seats mainly. check out the old timer .com pretty informative.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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